Making all enterprise data instantly accessible for AI

Artificial intelligence has irreversibly changed the way business is done - and will continue to do so. The biggest remaining barrier to adoption is at the intersection of data access and compliance. Today, the majority of data cannot be accessed - particularly in the financial services industry. Gensyn’s mission is to provide the infrastructure that allows this data to be analyzed without jeopardizing privacy, compliance, or security.

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Leadership Team

Advisory Team

We’re proud members of the OpenMined steering committee

As representatives of the financial services industry, we lead the Finance Unit on the steering committee. We represent the interests of financial organisations when determining direction and high-level goals and we're a first point of contact for the sector within OpenMined.

Harry Grieve

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Ben Fielding

Chief Technical Officer

Aman Luther

Head of Business Development

Becky Marriott

Vice President of Risk & Compliance at Tide. Ex-HSBC.

Prof. Chris Mairs, CBE FReng

Co-founder, Metaswitch (acq:MSFT)
Chairman, Magic Pony (acq: TWTR)

Steve Morgan


MD of Cybersecurity, FTI
Chief of Security to PM, No. 10