Analytics without borders

Confidential queries and AI across all the data in your financial organisation - without moving the data or breaching compliance
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Gensyn supercharges Financial Crime teams

Build superior financial crime models by using data across hybrid multi-cloud environments 

Relevant data lives across physical business premises and various cloud instances. Lots of it exists in other companies. Moving it all to one place takes years and jeopardises quality. If you don’t do anything, you don’t have the full picture and risk poor analytics performance. Unify all the data with the Gensyn Platform and analyze everything.

AML Investigations

Financial crime is global and leaves a data footprint in countries which may not allow customer data to be exported. Legislation like the Bank Secrecy Act makes this even harder. With Gensyn you can query data in foreign countries without ever exposing your query or viewing data you aren’t permissioned to see.

How the Gensyn Platform works


Create a distributed network of data sources by deploying Gensyn Nodes and connecting databases or loading in data. Nodes perform operations over the data at the source, rather than moving or copying data to a central warehouse. No data is ever sent to Gensyn.


Data owners manage the security and privacy of data at the source, ensuring that access is tightly controlled and audited. Secure multi-party computation and differential privacy ensure that operations can be performed on highly sensitive data without worrying about information leakage.

Query and analyze

Using the platform (via UI, or API) you are now free to submit secure/private queries or perform data analytics, including machine learning, across all the data connected to your platform!


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